Tailored Equipment

Our expertise identifies and gives access to the best solution for your needs. Our products are manufactured in Parma to the highest standards, for reliability and durability, and equipment is specifically designed to be both user friendly and low maintenance.


Glass and PET machines

  • Tailored glass and PET machines suitable for both flat and carbonated products
  • Equipped with different types of filling valves to suit our customers’ needs
  • Production: up to highest possible speed

Modular tunnel pasteurisers

  • Modular version tunnel pasteurisers
  • 100% stainless steel manufacturing
  • Single and double deck 
  • Optimal energy saving
  • Best accessibility for easy maintenance
  • Equipped with automatic UP control in real time
  • Production : up to 120.000 BPH

Bottle, Packs, Crates

  • Full range of conveyors for bottles, packs and crates
  • Stainless steel manufacturing
  • Complying with the most stringent standards
  • Suitable for any speed required


The engineering services we provide enable you to optimise the configuration of your line, upgrade your equipment, or obtain new parts from samples provided to us.


We provide upgrades for a variety of different equipment

Whether your machine is facing process or mechanical problems, or requires a software update, we design the best solution to restore your system to current standards. This provides the added benefits of optimising efficiency and extending the life of your equipment.


We can reverse engineer components from samples

With our new generation 3D scanning equipment, we can reverse engineer any component from samples provided, and are able to produce any part from 3D electronic files.


Outstanding engineering abilities

Smart layouts facilitate optimal configuration for your line and guarantee the best efficiency.

Reconditioned machines

Our second hand, fully revamped and upgraded equipment, can be equipped with different options and will always come with a guarantee. We can also recondition your old machines to give them a productive second life. Sustainability and circularity have long been a focus for Olivia Simonazzi and, in this way, we assist our clients in achieving their environmental goals.


Just in: Eurostar RAA 80/20/10

  • Very well maintained Eurostar glass filling machine
  • Suitable for any kind of application
  • Speed up to 40,000 bph based on 355 ml
  • Ready for delivery, completely refurbished, in four months’ time 
  • Special options available